Let us help you find the Scapegoat in your business data and make you the hero!
Data analytics and dashboards help you find potential areas for growth and identify those where profitability is limited.
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Let your data empower your decisions

Imagine having one place where you can view all your business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and more. 

Using tools like Tableau or Power BI we can import, clean, analyse, visualize, and create reports and dashboards with your data.  We work with various data sources, to transform raw data into meaningful insights, and create automatically updated interactive reports and dashboards for ongoing data-backed decision-making.

To ensure all your needs are met we spend time to understand your goals before we create your interactive, and dynamic dashboards. We have experience in various industries and can help you identify key information to track.

Find the growth opportunities

Your business benefits from using clean, standardised data with custom queries to automatically feed dashboards and reports. It does not matter if you are an executive or manager, your business data compiled in the right way can give you quick and visual answers to questions like:

Financial managers:


· How are we doing with revenue and sales? What are your total revenue, sales growth rates, sales by product or service category,
and sales by customer segment?
· Profitability Analysis,  KPI measurement and tracking as well as Budgets and Forecasts.

 · Read more here.




· Track your sales performance including revenue, growth per product, customer segment and salesperson.
· Do sales funnel analysis, track customer retention and acquisition, analyse your sales pipeline, and effectively manage your sales team. 

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Human Resource


· Measure recruitment efficiencies like time to fill a post, cost per hire, and best channels to use for recruiting.
· Track your workforce demographics, Employee turnover per unit, performance management and employee engagement.

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Marketing managers:


· Measure and compare results between campaigns tracking, cost per acquisition, ROI, and conversation rates.
· Understand customer segmentation, marketing channel performance, and analyse your customer journeys to introduce efficiencies.

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Operational managers:


· How efficient is our production? What are the monthly metrics for production output, cycle time, downtime, wastage, and overall
equipment effectiveness?
· Track and manage your supply chain performance, inventory, and resource utilization.

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Peter Drucker, the management guru said, “[only] what gets measured, gets managed.” 

Customised data dashboards and reports help you to manage, irrespective of your function in the business.

What data dashboarding services do we offer?

Dashboard dev

Get customised dashboards , developed specifically to suit your needs. Visual and easy to interpret, they tell the story of your business. .

Data Modelling

Most data come in the form of multiple tables, and it is critical to understand how and what relationships must be established between them.

Power Query

Let us clean and standardise your data throughout the datasets. The process is automated so you only have to do it once.

Advanced BI

Advanced dashboards specific to your industry that utilises maps, key influencers, decomposition tree charts, key performance indicators etc

BI Dax Queries

Your data becomes so much easier to understand when you use DAX queries to do the calculations in the background. We can help you build them.

The process

What we need from you

Raw Data: Give us your data in any format shape or form and we will turn it into useful insights

Understand your objectives with key intelligence you need and key indicators you want to track

Review in step 5 to refine reports/ dashboards to suit your needs

 Be the HERO, dig deeper into your business data to:

  • Remove the “unknown” in decision-making
  • Make sense of unused business data
  • Tell your business’ story accurately and consistently as it grows
  • Save time by identifying the best area(s) to focus on
  • Make your business proactive instead of reactive
  • Have updated intelligence all the time
  • Test new strategies and tactics in your data

You will definitely find reporting and dashboarding useful in your pursuit to better identify and explore the story that data holds in the background.  Data analytics will help you make insightful and highly informed decisions.

If you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of our data specialists build a solution for you, please reach out.

Email:  Freda@scapegoatdata.com